Thursday, 24 November 2016

Studying Tips at the Upper-campus Libraries for the Upcoming Exams.

The final exams will begin soon! Below are some tips to help you prepare. 

1.    Plan Your Study Time

Make your study schedule practical, flexible and realistic. The upper campus libraries, New Asia College Ch’ien Mu Library and United College Wu Chung Multimedia Library, provide over 700 seats for your quiet study during the daytime. The libraries have implemented the following special arrangements:  
Late Reading Rooms in New Asia College Ch’ien Mu Library and United College Wu Chung Multimedia Library are open 24 hours (Nov 24 – Dec 21, 2016).
Find a comfortable seat that works for you!
* Please be considerate and help to keep the study places clean

2. Past Exam Papers 

Go through the past exam papers to review what kind of questions have been set in the past and the relationship between the questions and the course content. 

3.   Relax 

Take a short break if you feel bored or cannot concentrate on your study. Still feeling stressed? The following may help:
Stress Management Workshop@ YouTube  (by Prof. Chan Sui Yin, Department of Psychology, CUHK and Director of Chanwuyi Research Center for Neuropsychological Well-being)
Relaxation techniques from Chanwuyi (禪武醫) (demonstrated by Prof. Chan Sui Yin)

4. Adequate sleep

Don’t forget to have enough sleep the night before the exam



1.    計劃你的温習時間

新亞書院圖書館及聯合多媒體圖書館的夜讀室二十四小時開放 (20161124日至1221)
* 請保持圖書館清潔及寧靜的學習環境。

2.  考試試題


3.   鬆一鬆

壓力管理工作坊@ YouTube(講者 : 陳瑞燕教授 香港中文大學心理學系教授及禪武醫心智健康研究中心總監)

4. 充足睡眠


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