Friday, 19 December 2014


聯合書院胡忠多媒體圖書館已購置兩部 ScanPro_3000 顯微資料閱讀器,提供更佳的閱覽質素,並設有掃瞄和聯網列印功能。特點如下
  • 內置二千六百萬像素照相機,解像度為一般光學顯微資料閱讀器的二倍
  • 一秒鐘內完成高解像度
  • 顯示屏幕的文字及圖像可放大至八倍
  • 設有「極高清晰度功能」掃瞄並儲存細小文字及圖像


New Microform Readers in United College Wu Chung Multimedia Library

The United College Wu Chung Multimedia Library is pleased to announce that two ScanPro 3000 microform readers are now available for users. Enhanced reading quality with scanning and printing services is provided by these new microform readers. Special features include:

  • Built-in 26 megapixel camera, nearly twice the optical resolution of any microform readers
  • High resolution scan in less than one second
  • On-screen magnifier to view text and image detail up to 800%
  • Ultra High Definition to scan and save small text and image details

Please click here for details.